Group Long Term Care Frequently Asked Questions

What if staff doesn’t qualify?

The sooner you make the benefit of long term care insurance available to your employees, they may be less likely to be declined. Even 24 hours from now, a change in health could make it impossible to get long term care insurance protection. Rates increase with age. Act now add long term care insurance coverage to your existing plan for your employees.

What does it cost?

We can work with you to tailor the plan to your needs based on a variety of factors. Contact us now for a personalized estimate.

Won’t Medicare cover long term care?

Generally, Medicare only pays ‘approved’ long term care costs for the first 20 days and then a portion for the next 80 days. After 100 days, Medicare pays nothing.

Won’t savings for retirement cover long term care?

Most people save for retirement to cover things such as gifts to children and grandchildren, travel, and general living expenses. Without additional long term care protection, you’ll likely be uncomfortable spending the money the way you planned in retirement.

What is the next step?

If you are an employer or human resources representative and would like to learn more about group long term care contact us today. Our professional advisors can assist you in learning more about the benefits of group long term care.