Group Long Term Care

Fifty-two percent of family caregivers also juggle full time jobs…About one-half of women and one-third of men who are caregivers experience depression1.

Long term care can broadly be defined as care provided by another party for the benefit of those who are unable to care for themselves. Generally, long term care refers to the personal care and other related services provided on an extended basis to people who need help with certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) or who need supervision due to severe cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Care can be provided at home, in the community, in an assisted care facility, or in a nursing home.

What happens if a valued employee becomes ill or becomes a caregiver? This could have a profound impact on the business.

Some employees have parents, in-laws, and spouses who are likely to need extended care in the near future. Without adequate coverage, these caregiver employees will have to take on day-to-day care of a family member in addition to their job duties.

Caregivers are likely to shift to part-time work or may even have to leave your company. This can result in expensive recruiting, hiring, and training to bring replacement workers up to speed. Caregivers who stay on the job full-time may become overwhelmed and under productive.

By 2011, 77 million Americans will be over the age of 65. An estimated four out of ten people will use a nursing home at some point after reaching age 65, and many will need either home care or an assisted living facility.

Group Long Term Care Insurance

Showcasing your organization as a forward-thinking employer, our program improves your ability to:

  • Retain and entice valuable employees with a recent long term care benefits program
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism for employees as caregivers
  • Apply for and receive potential tax savings and advantages

When offered as part of your benefits package, group long term care insurance offers employees with a secure way to help:

  • Protects their savings and assets from health care expenses
  • Protects their family and relatives from the burden and stress of caregiving
  • Protect their freedom to choose where their care is received

At, we are committed to your company and your employees to provide you with:

  • A solid history of group long term care policies based on reduced group pricing and efficient claims expertise
  • Seamless employer experiences utilizing dedicated account management and turnkey implementation

The advantages of group long term care insurance provided by your employer can include:

  • You may not have any medical requirements to obtain a group long term care insurance policy.
  • Your family may also apply for the group long term care insurance. Many group long term care insurance plans allow retirees, spouses, parents, and relatives to apply for the long term care coverage.
  • Some long term care insurance companies will let you keep the coverage if your employment ends or your employer drops the group long term care insurance plan.
  • Group long term care insurance plans with a high proportion of young employees and with 20% or better participation, can often lower the premiums than individual policies.